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Tree Stakes Tree Stakes

Tree Stakes available in three lengths, made from treated timber. 3.2cm  x...[more]

Bamboo Canes Bamboo Canes

Bamboo Canes   Available in size  90cm in length   

Protecting a new or young tree by staking it enables it too grow the strong root system it needs to secure itself in the ground.Can be used in a variety of purposes including; decorative Fencing; Plant supports; Tomatoes; Orchids; Vines; Fruits; Trees; Peas; Beans. &...[more]

Flat Pack tree guards*Protectors* Flat Pack tree guards*Protectors*

* Easier  tree and weed maintenance (tube can slide up the stake to remove any growth inside the tube).

* Very ECONOMIC compared to the UK's market leader.

* Built in shear lines, to encourage shelter to split open as the tree increases in size.


Tubex NETGUARD (tree guard mesh to wrap)  Tubex NETGUARD (tree guard mesh to wrap)

NETGUARD-Unobstrusive protection for forestry or landscape planting made from resilient, green polythene mesh which wraps around the tree. Suitable for the protection of evergreens which can grow too rapidly in an enclosed shelter, becoming top heavy....[more]

 Shrubshelter guard Shrubshelter guard

Shrubshelter tree guards-Will give improved survival rates by protecting plants from hares,rabbits and voles and are mainly used for landscaping projects with mixed planting stock. Increases the survival rates for large and multi-stemmed plant stock. We recommend the use of a Tree Shelter Stake for support. The shrub shelter has slits so that a stake ca...[more]


The easywrap protects your young plants from rabbits. It is green and can easily pull apart in order to wrap around your plant....[more]

Magnolia Trees from Tree Shop.co.uk Magnolia Trees from Tree Shop.co.uk

We have a selection of Magnolia Trees for sale. Visit www.tree-shop.co.uk...[more]

Buckle Tree tie Buckle Tree tie

Rubber buckle tree tie (separates the tree from the stake).They will stretch as the tree grows and are easily adjustable.They are supplied with a hoop collar spacer. ...[more]