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Tree guards, bamboo canes, stakes & ties

Flat Pack tree guards*Protectors* Flat Pack tree guards*Protectors*

*TREE GUARDS -  Easier tree and weed maintenance (tube can slide up the stake to remove any growth inside the tube).

* Very ECONOMIC compared to the UK's market leader.

*Built in sheer lines, to encourage shelter to split open as the tree increases in size.

*Durable twin wall comstruction manufactured from environmentally responsible and 100% recyclable UV stab...[more]

Tree Shelter Stakes Tree Shelter Stakes

 Tree stakes available in three lengths, 0.9 1.2  1.5. Made from treated timber. 3.2cm x 3.2cm. Make sure your trees are secure by staking to establish good growth against any strong winds. ...[more]

Tubex Easy Wrap guards Tubex Easy Wrap guards

Tubex Easy Wrap Guard. Can be slipped over a small whip plant and will expand as the plant grows. A cost effective alternative to spirals, no PVC, made from environmentally acceptable twin walled polypropylene.Economical Rabbit protection without a tie. We recommend the use of a Bamboo Cane for support.


Tubex Netguard (mesh to wrap) Tubex Netguard (mesh to wrap)

Netguards-Mesh to wrap-Unobtrusive protection for forestry or landscape planting. Made from resilient, green polyethylene mesh. We recommend the use of a Tree Shelter Stake for support.Suitable for the protection of evergreens which can grow too rapidly in an enclosed shelter, becoming top heavy.  ...[more]

Tubex Shrubshelter guard Tubex Shrubshelter guard

Tubex Shrubshelters-Will give improved survival rates by protecting plants from hares,rabbits and voles and are mainly used for landscaping projects with mixed planting stock.        Sturdy protection for large and multi-stemmed planting stock. We recommend the use of a Tree Shelter Stake for support. The shrub shelters includes ties to...[more]

Tubex Spiral tree guard Tubex Spiral tree guard

Tubex spiral guards are economical protection for standard trees.
They are effective against rabbits nibbling through the trunks of young trees and offering some protection against deer. Please note that we recommend a spiral cane for support unless the plant is already staked or well established.more]

Bamboo Canes Bamboo Canes

Bamboo Canes-Uses Available length 90cm. 

Protecting a new or young tree by staking it enables it to grow the strong root system it needs to secure itself in the ground.Can be used in a variety of purposes including; decorative Fencing; Plant supports; Tomatoes; Orchids; Vines; Fruits; Trees; Peas; Beans.





Buckle Tree Tie/Holdfast Buckle Tree Tie/Holdfast

Buckle tree tie-Support the tree from the stake.They stretch as the tree grows and can be easily adjusted as the tree stem gets bigger in diameter.With hoop collar spacer....[more]