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Ash tree (fraxinus excelsior)  woodland and garden trees
Ash tree (fraxinus excelsior)  woodland and garden trees

Ash tree (fraxinus excelsior) woodland and garden trees


The ash tree is both British and European native species requiring a fairly mild climate and moist but well drained alkaline soils of moderate to high fertility. Fast growing but not only found in woodlands but would also suit the larger garden.  In autumn leaves turning to yellow before dropping at the first signs of frost. The Ash Tree is light demanding, so plantations require frequent thinning out to maintain high productivity and even rates of timber growth. There are clear advantages in using seed from trees of good provenance. Early stem pruning is also essential if clear blemish free wood is required. The tough pliable timber is used for veneers, traditional sports equipment and tool handles, modern laminated furniture and prestigious shop or office fittings.

Urgent Important notice - Ash Tree Sales halted by Ash Die Back  
The UK Government introduced legislation that came into force immediately for  all importation of all ash varieties grown abroad including and not limited to Fraxinus Excelsior.There is now also a ban on the transportation of any ash inside the UK for the foreseeable future.
This is an attempt to help stop the spread of ash die back which has killed 90% of the ash in Denmark and which has infected 21 European countries and is present in the UK.
We are therefore no longer selling any form of Ash until further notice.

Size: 30 meters. Generally wider than tall.
Environment: Full sun, soil tolerant, salt tolerant. Prefers moist, deep, fertile soils for best growth, soil pH is not critical.
Key Features: fast growing and hardy-turning yellow leafed in autumn.
Quantity Species Size
1 - 10
11 - 30
Ash Tree (Fraxinus excelsior) 40-60 bareroot 1 u 1 bareroot (NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE) £1.80 £1.09 £0.95 £0.50 £0.40
Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) 150-180 bareroot Feathered bareroot (NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE) £15.60 £15.60 £9.60 £8.40 £7.20
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