Order nowTrees are the most efficient way to “sequester” carbon and this is an important part of the possible may sided climate solutions

“Sequestering” means retrieving the carbon which is already out there in the atmosphere. Trees clean the atmosphere in this unique natural way and the global “green canopy” is an important part of calming storms, flash floods and weather hazards.

By planting more trees every year and extending our woodland cover, we can sequester more and more carbon and help the process of mitigating climate change.

Each mature standing tree will lock up approx. 500 kgs of carbon and every hectare locks up additional amounts every year. This can be measured and it will vary according to site and species from 4 to 20 tonnes per hectare per annum.

Our woodlands and forests cover 12% of the UK and planting more trees will make an enormous contribution. 5 more mature trees every year can be sufficient to cancel your own annual carbon footprint.