Order nowWhy Woodland Improvement and Conservation Ltd?

For 70 years, we have been recognised as national experts in the growing of trees and woodlands in the UK. A tree’s life cycle is between 80 and 150 years dependent on the species chosen, the available soil and the rainfall. The UK has one of the best growing conditions (soil, rainfall and temperature) for trees in the northern hemisphere.

We know how much care every tree needs every year. It is not just a matter of planting the young sapling and leaving it. This happens all too often. The tree needs protection and annual maintenance from rabbits, deer, grey squirrels and weeds; they need to grow in compatible communities with the right species in the right soils. It becomes a continuous process of management and there are annual costs.

We have pioneered a unique Joint Management system whereby we take responsibility with the landowner for designing the woodland and ensuring that it is brought to successful maturity. This will occur during the first important 40 years of the woodland cycle, when we develop them into thriving carbon sequestering, dynamic sustainable communities with optimum biodiversity.

This is the safest way of ensuring that your tree pulls its weight in the carbon battle.